US President Trump has announced that the Gulf state of Bahrain and Israel have agreed to normalize relations.

For decades, Arab states have boycotted Israel and kept it a secret that they can only establish relations with Israel once the Palestinian issue is resolved.

But last month, the UAE backed a peace deal with Israel, making it the first Gulf country to make peace with Israel. Ever since then, there has been speculation that Bahrain will do the same.

President Trump has acted as a mediator in both agreements.

Bahrain is the fourth Arab country to recognize Israel since Israel came into being in 1948. The list included Egypt and Jordan before the UAE and Bahrain.

“Today is another historic milestone,” said President Trump. Two of our great friends, Israel and Bahrain, have agreed to a peace deal.

President Trump also shared a copy of the US-Bahrain-Israel joint statement on his Twitter account.

Prior to the UAE’s announcement in August, Israel had no diplomatic relations with any Gulf country.

Last month, the first direct flight from Israel arrived in the UAE, which was hailed as a major step towards normalizing relations.

Bahrain said last week that it would allow direct flights between Israel and the UAE to pass through its airspace.

President Trump will host a celebration of the agreement between Israel and the UAE next Tuesday.


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