The United States has announced that it will withdraw 6,400 troops from Germany and relocate 5,400 to other European countries, as if the number of US troops in Germany would be reduced by about a third.

The move is the largest troop transfer in Germany since the end of the Cold War and could begin next week.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed that the United States was reducing its 11,900 troops in Germany, withdrawing some of them and relocating others to other European countries.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon said President Donald Trump had approved a plan to withdraw 9,500 troops from Germany. On Wednesday, however, US Secretary of Defense Esper announced a clear number, saying 11,900 troops were being withdrawn from Germany.

Under the plan, the United States will withdraw 6,400 troops from Germany and deploy 5,400 to other European countries. According to the US Department of Defense, only about 25,000 US troops will remain in Germany.

The Secretary of Defense said the new deployment was part of a broader plan to review US strategy against Russia.


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