The Capitol Hill building in Washington has been evacuated by protesters. Authorities have announced that the building is now safe.

According to US media reports, the woman who was shot inside the building during the raid on Capitol Hill died of her injuries. Authorities said law enforcement had evacuated protesters from the building and declared the building safe. There are also reports of several protesters being arrested.

Trump did not withdraw his accusations of massive electoral fraud, calling his supporters gathered around Capitol Hill “very special,” “I know your pain.” I guess you’re in trouble. But you have to go home now. We cannot play into the hands of these people. So you go home We love you, you are very special. ”

Twitter released Trump’s video message at a time when the administration was trying to gain control of the Capitol Hill building.

Newly-elected US President Joe Biden criticized the raid on Capitol Hill, the US House of Representatives, saying “this is an attack on this sacred American building that serves the people.

According to Biden, the world was watching the scene. “Like other Americans, I was really surprised and saddened by the dark moment of our nation, which has long been a ray of hope and a symbol of democracy.

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that the meeting will resume once the situation improves and the verification process will be completed. It is likely that the joint session of Congress will begin at 8 pm local time in Washington, DC. Democrats have also gained a majority in the US Senate. The Democratic Party has won two Senate seats in Georgia on December 6.


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