The Afghan Taliban have said in an interview with the American network CBS News that they are hopeful that President Trump will win the presidential election. He also expressed concern about President Trump’s health.

“We are hopeful that Donald Trump will win the presidential election and withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told the American Network in a telephone interview on Friday.

The Taliban also expressed concern over President Donald Trump’s ill health due to Corona. Another Taliban leader told CBS News: “We were worried about Trump’s health when we heard about him being exposed to covid 19. But now it seems that his health is improving.

President Trump’s support for the Afghan Taliban came after he said in a statement that all troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by Christmas. Trump has long promised to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan.

In February this year, an agreement was reached in Qatar between the Taliban and the United States to end the 20-year war. Representatives of the Taliban and the Afghan government are currently holding talks in Doha, but no clear progress has been made.


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