According to Lahore police, in four days in the city, two youths have committed suicide after being banned from playing the video game ‘Pub G’, after which the police have decided to ban all such violent games and online pages. PTA will be requested to block.

DIG Operations Ashfaq Khan said that the rise in suicide among the youth due to games promoting violence is a sad and worrying process.

He said that these games are like a drug which is addictive so parents and children should not play such games too much while having control over themselves.

The user said: ‘We can play the game alone and more than one person can join it. So in order to defend ourselves, we have to beat the enemy and win the game.

He added that he plays this game on the computer and “because this game is running online, you can’t leave this game anywhere in the meantime.” Even if you are going to eat or get up for any work, the other party will kill you.

The user added that there are two types of this game. One is what is played on the computer and the other is what people play on the mobile.

In the PubG game played on mobile, you have many options such as you can change your clothes and your weapon.

The game is played all over the world, which has led to complaints about its negative effects from all over the world.

But it is now up to the player to stop it on time or keep playing.

‘Such games should be banned’

DIG Operations Ashfaq Khan further said that the job of the police is not only to catch the culprits.

We also have other responsibilities, such as community policing, which allows us to change and monitor extremism and attitudes in our society.

“Therefore, we have decided that we will make a request to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to put itself behind all such games, including PubG, which contain an element of violence,” he said. Should be blocked from accessing users. He further added that only PTA has the authority to block all these applications and online pages.

He said that PTA has people who can review and analyze online content which is spreading extremism in the society as there may be many such games besides PubG. Which we don’t even know, so we can only apply.

Can games like Pubg really lead to suicide ?

Psychologist Dr Farah Malik

“I think it would be wrong to say that a child or a teenager committed suicide just because of a game, because it is not possible to commit suicide.

He added that children who take such a big step as suicide already have such thoughts in their personality and the reason is not just one factor.

“We’ve seen a lot of hormonal changes in babies as they get older. Such as voice changes or physical changes in boys. We don’t care about that, and we make fun of them and let them go, which also makes them frustrated. Or the parents not having a friendly relationship with the children or scaring them all the time.

“Usually these children have some symptoms such as not listening to anyone, lack of tolerance, fighting and arguing, even with children their own age, reacting strongly if parents stop them,

we need to understand them and explain them with love, and parents should start this process at an early age

“Try to do everything yourself with the children. Try to be their friend and solve their problems.

He further said that in this difficult time due to the epidemic, apart from the parents, the government has a responsibility to make arrangements to keep the mental condition of the children and youth in good health and to guide them.


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