China’s economy has recovered after the outbreak of the corona virus.

Economic analysts at the AFP news agency believe that the effects of the lock down during the Corona virus outbreak, which hit Chinese economic growth, are now beginning to recede. He added that there are indications that the wheel of the Chinese economy is back on track.

China’s economy grew 1.3 percent in the second quarter of this year. The Chinese government is due to release details of economic growth in April, May and June this year on Thursday, July 16.

In December 2019, the Beijing government imposed a nationwide lock down following a new outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan, a major city in the central Chinese province of Hubei. During this time, work was stopped in factories and people were confined to their homes. Similarly, due to travel restrictions, the movement of ordinary people was almost stopped.

The Chinese government is now almost control the virus. Industrial and business activities have resumed since the lock down ended in April. Ships loaded with goods from China have started traveling to other countries.

A senior analyst at Moody’s, an international organization that monitors economic activity in various countries, says the outbreak of the virus in the capital, Beijing, is under control and has not had a major impact on economic activity.


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