The US Senate passed the defense bill by a two-thirds majority, despite opposition from President Trump. With approval from both houses of the US House, President Trump will no longer be able to veto the bill.

US President Donald Trump suffered a crushing defeat in the last days of his presidency when a two-thirds majority of the country’s Senate also passed a defense bill.

President Trump’s Republican Party has a majority in the Senate. Eighty-one members of the Senate voted in favor of the bill, while thirteen voted against. This is the first time during Trump’s four-year presidency that Republicans in the Senate have passed a bill despite opposition from their own party president.

The US House of Representatives has already passed the defense bill. With the bill passed by a two-thirds majority in both houses, President Trump will no longer be able to veto the bill. President Trump opposed the 7 750 billion defense bill and announced his veto.

There are differences between President Trump and the Republican Party over alleged rigging in the presidential election.

The US Defense Bill has been passed every year since 1960. This time, however, President Trump insisted on repealing Section 230 of the Defense Bill. The law protects major US social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Trump is unhappy with these companies,

After the bill was passed by the Senate, President Trump expressed his displeasure in a tweet, saying, “Our Republicans in the Senate missed the opportunity to repeal Section 230, which gives unlimited power to large technology companies.” ۔ ”


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