Tania Aidrus and Dr Zafar Mirza have announced their resignations. Some analysts are in favor of the resignations, while others see the development as a loss to the country.

Imran Khan’s Special Assistant for Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus announced her resignation on Twitter. He wrote in his tweet, “The state has been criticized because of my citizenship and it is undermining the purpose of Digital Pakistan. In the public interest, I have resigned. ”On the other hand, Health Advisor Dr. Zafar Mirza wrote in his tweet,“ I left the World Health Organization at the personal invitation of the Prime Minister and came to Pakistan.

The news caused a divided opinion on social media. Journalist Asma Shirazi said, “One day, two resignations … The PTI will now hand over ministries to elected representatives. They will pick up the unselected bags and go home. Only the elect are accountable. ”

Journalist Mazhar Abbas said, “In my opinion, these developments are better for Imran Khan. The prime minister demanded that he resign.

However, the resignation of these government advisers has been criticized by many analysts. Analyst Musharraf Zaidi said, “Disappointing, I hope that the cabinet members and media personalities who have sharply criticized the Prime Minister on this issue will now be happy.” Capable people are being wiped out from this system.

Journalist Kamran Khan said, “Tania Aidrus and Zafar Mirza became the target of narrow-mindedness of the cabinet and some media personalities. Overseas Pakistanis are our assets. They deserve respect.


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