The three-year-old conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is over. The Riyadh government has lifted air and ground sanctions on Qatar.

The 41st Annual Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) met in the northwestern Saudi city of AlUla on Tuesday, January 5. The highlight of the meeting was the peaceful resolution of the conflict situation in the Gulf states at the negotiating table.

Thus, the Alula Summit has been linked to a new era in the Gulf Arab states. The summit has been hailed as a major diplomatic success. The meeting was also attended by Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

After the settlement of the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that the era of stability and solidarity in the Gulf states would now begin.

The Saudi Crown Prince also praised US and Kuwaiti diplomatic efforts to reconcile during the conflict.

Disputes between Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s neighboring Gulf state of Qatar began in June 2017, with some other states supporting Saudi Arabia joining the boycott of Qatar.

He alleged that Qatar was involved in sponsoring terrorism and had close ties with Iran. The boycott included the cancellation of economic and diplomatic ties with Qatar, as well as the banning of air, land and sea routes. Qatar has repeatedly denied the allegations at every forum. The United States and Kuwait have made great efforts to reconcile.

Saudi and Qatari citizens embraced each other and expressed happiness over the end of the crisis.


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