The situation in Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub, after the recent monsoon rains has once again caused a stir in Sindh province politics.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan’s remarks on the situation in Karachi regarding the Sindh government and the outrage over the mayor of Karachi created such an atmosphere that the PPP, MQM and PTI suddenly united to solve the problems of Karachi.

Political analysts say that in fact PPP, MQM and now PTI are also fighting for Karachi’s resources only and the city has been ruined in this battle. Roads in the country’s largest city are broken, there is no drinking water, but the same water is being stolen and sold to citizens by tankers.

In a meeting chaired by MDMA Chairman Lt. Gen. Afzal at the Governor House, besides the Chief Minister, the Mayor of Karachi represented the MQM while the Governor Sindh was present to make up for the PTI’s shortfall. Suddenly news spread that the three parties had united, a committee would be formed and then the journey of development would start again but Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in a press conference a day later declared all such news baseless and said That no committee has been formed.

He also mentioned the Rs 38 billion development projects undertaken by his government in Karachi in the last three years.

The Chief Minister once again accused the PTI and the MQM of trying to separate Karachi from Sindh, saying, “Sindh is our mother and we will not allow our mother to be divided.” In an exclusive interview, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that no one would be allowed to tear Sindh apart. “Some people will have to get this fast out of their minds,” he said. We want the federation to adopt Karachi, but here we are talking about the partition of Sindh. Some people are speaking against the constitution today. There are four provinces in the constitution, whose powers are clear.

Khawaja Izhar says, “There is no threat to the unity of Sindh. When the MQM talks about the rights of Karachi, the PPP starts misleading propaganda. The people of Karachi have been deceived in the 18th amendment.


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