The Indian military has denied reports that Pakistan has also increased its troop numbers along the Line of Control (LoC) due to tensions between India and China.

The Indian Army has denied media reports that Pakistan has also increased the deployment of troops on the border due to India-China tensions in Ladakh. Lieutenant General BS Rajiv, commander of the 15th Corps in Indian-administered Kashmir’s Srinagar, said the army did not think Pakistan would deploy troops in Pakistan-administered Kashmir in the near future in the wake of China-India tensions.

In the Indian media, such news has been coming out loud that in the current atmosphere of tension between the Indo-Chinese army in Ladakh, Pakistan has also started deploying a large number of troops in its administered Kashmir. In this regard, there has been a debate in the Indian media that in the event of a war with China, what would happen if Pakistan also opened a new front on the LOC ? And is India ready for that ?

The command of the Indian Army on the LOC is currently under the supervision of BS Rajiv. He told the Indian media that it was true that the Pakistan Army had done “some reserve formation” in the region from a defensive point of view. But “in the areas under my control, I have not yet seen any apparent additional deployment or any major movement from Pakistan. But Pakistan has definitely upgraded its defensive posts, which they did during the tensions.”

Explaining this, he said that Pakistan has deployed some new troops in view of the current situation with the aim of improving the defense posts. “At this stage, I don’t think there is any other Pakistani intention.”

In the wake of tensions between India and China, some sections of the Indian media have accused Pakistan of not only increasing its military presence, but also saying that Pakistan has allowed China to use its air bases where China has deployed its air force. 

The Pakistani military last week vehemently denied the allegations, calling them baseless and irresponsible. The military said in a tweet that all reports of additional troops being deployed in the LOC or Gilgit-Baltistan were baseless. The tweet said, “Any such move or deployment of additional forces is baseless. We also strongly deny the presence of Chinese troops in Pakistan.”

The Indian Army has more or less confirmed Pakistan’s position, but it is clear from the activities of the Indian Army in Indian-administered Kashmir that it has increased its troop deployment on the LOC. In most of the hilly areas of Kashmir which are close to the LOC, there has been a significant increase in the movement of Indian troops.   


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