Former United States President Barack Obama attended a rally in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and sharply criticized President Trump in his address to the nation.

Former United States President Barack Obama addressed a rally in support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the US state of Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Obama, while presenting a record of President Trump’s performance, sharply criticized him and warned Democrats. He said that although all the polls show that Biden has the upper hand, there is no need to be complacent.

The pro-Biden car rally in the coastal city of Philadelphia involved about 300 cars. Addressing him, the former president said that President Trump is not exactly fit for the position and that he has no interest in solving the problems that American citizens face today.

For the first time, President Obama went out in person to campaign for his former vice president. Voting for the US presidential election will take place on November 3, with fierce competition expected between President Trump and Joe Biden. The last debate between the two is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, November 22, before the vote.

Former President Barack Obama told Democratic supporters on the occasion that it is important to remember that most opinion polls in 2016 confirmed the victory of Hillary Clinton, but the result is in front of us. Efforts need to be intensified instead of sitting on the sidelines.


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