Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech has caused a stir in the political and non-political circles of the country. However, many critics are also questioning whether the PML-N will be able to withstand the pressure that will come after this speech.

After the speech, government ministers are hurling accusations at the former prime minister. Critics believe that Nawaz Sharif’s speech made serious allegations against the military.

According to analysts, the PML-N will not be able to withstand the possible pressure, while the party claims that it has endured hardships in the past and still has to make all kinds of sacrifices to honor the vote

It may be recalled that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while addressing the All Parties Conference of the Opposition yesterday, had targeted the interference in the politics of the country’s powerful army. He said that the hands and feet of political governments are tied while many such acts are carried out without the knowledge of the elected governments, which brings the country into disrepute.

Military circles have remained silent on Nawaz Sharif’s statement, but those defending state institutions in the media have shed light on the statement.

Analyst General (retd) Amjad Shoaib says that this speech has exposed the real face of Nawaz Sharif. “Ever since he was ousted by General Musharraf, he has been speaking out against state institutions,” he told . He also made statements against Pakistan in the case of Ajmal Kasab and then in a conversation with Indian journalists also questioned the two-nation ideology.

Many quarters in the country are calling Nawaz Sharif’s speech a declaration of war against state institutions, but many politicians and analysts believe that if the PML-N comes under further pressure after the speech, it will not be able to bear it. ۔

In addition, it will be difficult to maintain unity in the opposition. Fazl ur Rehman has already started complaining that his speech was not broadcast.

Some quarters believe that the former Punjab chief minister will remain silent if the PML-N faces difficulties.


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