At least 275 elephants have mysteriously died in the African country of Botswana in recent weeks. The death of such a large number of elephants is the biggest loss of elephants in this century.

The country’s wildlife department and national park administration say they have launched an investigation to find out how so many elephants died. All the elephants were found dead in the Okavango Delta in southern Africa.

Hundreds of workers have been dispatched to the area to assess the mysterious deaths and estimate the actual number. Helicopters have also been used. Samples of various dead elephants have been obtained. The samples were sent to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Canada to determine the cause of death.

Local communities and tribes have been warned not to touch or touch the dead elephants. Illegal poaching of elephants is a major problem in this country, but according to officials, it is not poaching, but the cause of death this time is something else.

The director of the national park said that the death of such a large number of elephants is the biggest loss for elephants of this century. According to him, his country was a tourist destination but now the situation will change.

According to Botswana officials, Code 19 may have been the cause of the deaths, but the possibility of poisoning them at this time cannot be ruled out.


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