Former United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis has criticized President Donald Trump, accusing him of trying to divide the people and abusing his power.

James Mattis has been silent for a long time since his resignation. He has now claimed that the US president wants to divide the people and has failed to prove himself a ‘responsible leader’.

He has expressed outrage at President Trump’s efforts to control the situation in the United States following the death of a black man in police custody last week. US President said that protesters had threatened violence if he did not end his protest he ‘ll army .

In response, President Trump called James Mattis a “general of undue importance.” He said he was glad James Mattis was gone.

James Mattis resigned from the Pentagon after President Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

He has been silent ever since, but in an interview with Atlanta Magazine on Wednesday, he slammed the Trump administration.

In response, President Trump claimed that he had fired James Mattis.

He wrote: ‘I didn’t like the way he headed or anything about him. Many people agree with that … Thankfully they are gone now. ‘

What did James Mattis say?

In his interview, James Mattis said: “Donald Trump is the first president of my life who does not try to unite the American people. Or don’t even pretend … Instead, they try to divide us.

“We have been seeing this effort for the last three years. We have been suffering from the effects of irresponsible leadership for three years.

James Mattis also spoke about the ongoing anti-apartheid protests in the United States. The protests began after the death of a black American citizen, George Floyd, in police custody .

Four officers have been charged during the investigation.

The protests have been peaceful for the past several days, but in some cities they have turned violent and curfews have been imposed.

“We shouldn’t be distracted by just a few lawbreakers,” said James Mattis.

“Thousands of people are protesting because they want to live up to their values. Like a nation. ‘

James Mattis is a retired general who resigned in December 2019 and was thought to be opposed to President Trump’s foreign policy. He condemned the use of force during protests in the United States.

“I never thought the army would be ordered to violate the constitutional rights of civilians in any case.”

He added that the use of force would create conflict between civilians and military circles.

James Mattis was referring to incidents last week when peaceful protesters were dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets near the White House.

President Trump then painted a picture of a historic church that was damaged by fire.

On the other hand, the US President has repeatedly questioned whether the protesters were peaceful. President Trump said, “People liked my walk to this historic place of worship.”

Investigation into the dismissal of a Foreign Office official

According to Reuters, former State Department Inspector General Steve Lincoln has told the US Congress that President Trump’s decision to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and justify a “national emergency” before he is fired. Were investigating.

He was fired by President Trump last month and is the fourth government caretaker to be fired in recent months.

According to Democrats in Congress, Steve Lincoln said in an interview that he was also investigating the misuse of State Department resources against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife.

The investigation was initiated by Democrats from the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee.

A Republican member of the same congressional committee said President Trump was in power when he fired Steve Lynch.

According to Reuters, Steve Lynch has broken his seven-year record with the State Department.

Mike Pompeo said he had personally suggested to the president that Steve Lank be fired. However, he did not provide a reason.


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