Iran has accused Saudi Arabia of distorting the facts and imposing its “crimes” on others. Earlier, at the United Nations, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of “expansionism and terrorism.”

At the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, September 23, Saudi King Salman accused Iran of carrying out “attacks on Saudi oil fields” last year. In a recorded statement, he accused the Tehran government of “expansionist activities” and said that the country was continuing to support “terrorists” for the same purpose.

Saudi Arabia has accused the Tehran government of supplying weapons to Yemen’s Houthi rebels and of carrying out attacks on Saudi oil fields. Iran has denied the allegations, and the Riyadh government has been accused of committing “war crimes” in Yemen. A statement issued by Saeed Khatibzada said, “Saudi Arabia is a major sponsor of terrorism in the region and a center of takfiri terrorist thinking.” Iran uses the word takfiri for Sunni jihadists.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry used harsh words, calling Saudi Arabia an “unfortunate creature” in the Arab world and accusing it of expanding ties with Israel under US pressure.

Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with the Tehran government in 2016, when protesters attacked the Saudi embassy.


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