According to the Indian Army, during a ‘fake encounter’ in Kashmir, its troops killed three Kashmiris in an operation. The Indian Army has extraordinarily admitted its mistake.

Troops stationed in Indian-administered Kashmir have long been accused of abusing their powers in Kashmir. Three Kashmiris were killed and buried in remote border areas during an operation in Shopian district of south Kashmir on July 18

The men were reportedly relatives, who were described by the military as “Pakistani fighters”. His family identified him by photos of his body on social media, saying he was a local laborer.

The incident sparked outrage in Kashmir and political circles, human rights activists and local residents called for an independent inquiry into the deaths.

On Saturday, September 19, Indian Army spokesman Rajesh Kalia said that the facts which came to light during the investigation revealed that the soldiers involved in the operation had “violated” military rules in Kashmir by acting outside their powers. Kalia added that action would be taken against those responsible.

The families of the victims say they are awaiting a DNA report, as it will prove they were locals.

In addition, in 2010, three Indian Army officers were accused of killing three laborers, who were said to be Pakistani nationals who had secretly crossed the Line of Control. More than 100 people were killed in violent protests that followed. In 2000, the Indian military claimed to have killed five terrorists involved in the killing of 35 Sikhs. But later it was found out that these were the five locals who were killed in the exchange of fire.

Special rules for dealing with emergencies protect Indian troops stationed in Kashmir from being tried in civilian courts, and there is no tendency for them to be convicted in military courts.


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