The Indian Foreign Ministry issued a statement yesterday stating that India wants to improve its relations with China.

Not long ago, the Indian government arranged a visit of the Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh despite opposition and anger from China. Last year, a major clash erupted between the two countries in the Doklam area near the Bhutan-China border.

After months of confrontation, China has now deployed large numbers of troops in Doklam and permanently deployed tanks and other military equipment there.

India has significantly strengthened its military position on the Chinese front in recent years. Roads and communication systems have improved in the border areas. The army has been extensively modernized. Thousands of troops have been deployed to bolster deployments along the India-China border.

The Modi government’s thinkers and security policy makers decided to end years of soft policy with China and take a more aggressive and tough stance instead. The military generals started talking about opening the front of Pakistan as well as China. Within a few days, their relationship began to deteriorate.

Now, once again, India is inclined towards dialogue and cooperation, but the past years have been marred by stagnation, confrontation, tension and selfishness.

India’s relations with Pakistan have also been extremely strained for the past four years. After several attacks in Punjab and Indian-administered Kashmir, the Modi government closed all avenues of dialogue.

Freedom activities in Kashmir have increased significantly in the last two years. There were several attacks on police and military camps. The LoC resounded with shelling. All contacts between the two countries remained broken.but the government has suddenly begun to show signs of easing. India recently offered Pakistan the exchange of elderly and female prisoners on humanitarian grounds, which Pakistan accepted.

India has, after a long absence, invited a Pakistani minister to attend an international meeting in Delhi. This meeting of the World Trade Organization is taking place next week and the participation of the Minister of Commerce of Pakistan is expected.

This will be the first sign of breaking the stalemate, but it also reiterates that there is no alternative to negotiations.

The Modi government had a good start in improving relations with China and Pakistan but could not continue. The last four years of the Modi government have been wasted in terms of bilateral relations.

Conflict and extremism can be countered with negotiations and perhaps more effectively.

Better and more peaceful relations with China and Pakistan are essential not only for these countries but also for world peace because improvement in relations comes only through dialogue.


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