Pakistan ranks 120th out of 128 countries in a global study on the performance of the judiciary.

For the past several years, the United States World Justice Project has been collecting data on the performance of the judiciary and judicial systems in various countries around the world.

According to the study, the performance of the judiciary in many South Asian countries is much better than in Pakistan. According to the Rule of Law Index, Nepal ranks 61st, Sri Lanka 66th and India 69th in terms of judicial performance.

Pakistan is currently ranked 118th out of 128 countries in the world in terms of delivery of justice. 

Below Pakistan in this ranking is Afghanistan, which is ranked 122nd.

The factors on which the rule of law is classified include the state’s justice system and the easy provision of accountability and justice.

Former President of Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association Qazi Anwar said, “Justice requires that justice be done. Achieving justice is a dream for the common man in Pakistan, where it takes fifteen to twenty years for a case to be decided. The plaintiff dies as soon as he seeks justice. There are millions of cases pending in the country.

The Pakistani justice system will stand when it is broadly reformed and amended, there is transparency, the judiciary is adapted to modern requirements.


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