British football club Liverpool’s dream of winning the English Premier League came true when Manchester City lost 2-1 in a match between Chelsea and Manchester City.

Liverpool still have seven games to play but they have won the title because of their points.

This is the club’s 19th title win and the first since 1989-1990.

This is their first English Premier League title win.

“It’s unbelievable,” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports. That’s more than I ever imagined. “

“It’s an amazing achievement for my players and I’m happy to be coaching them.”

Thousands of fans gathered at Anfield to celebrate despite the mayor of Liverpool urging people to stay home because of the corona virus.

An hour after the results of Thursday’s match were announced, about 2,000 fans gathered at the club’s grounds in Anfield. Many people wore masks on their faces.

Jürgen Klopp’s team has performed one of the most memorable performances in the history of the Premier League. He has scored 86 points so far and has won 28 of 31 matches.

They lost just one match while two matches ended without a decision.


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