The number of people infected and dying from Corona virus in India is increasing every day and India has now become the third most affected country in the world, leaving behind Russia with seven lakh victims.

In India, about 25,000 new cases were reported in a single day on Sunday, killing 613 people. At the same time, the death toll from the corona virus has risen to 719,401 while 21,565 people have died so far.

The Indian Ministry of Health said on Sunday that about 25,000 new cases were reported in a single day and 613 people died from covid-19. This is the largest number of new Covid-19 cases in a single day since the first case came to light in January. The government says about 425,000 patients have recovered so far.

The health ministry added that the number of victims of corona in Delhi has reached nearly 100000 while in Maharashtra the number has crossed 200000. The southern state of Tamil Nadu ranks second with 111,000 victims.

The government has issued a new advisory saying the Taj Mahal and other historic buildings in Agra will remain closed to tourists for the time being.

The government had said in an earlier announcement that the Taj Mahal was being opened to tourists with certain conditions. Visitors must wear a mask at all times and will not be allowed to touch its marble walls and floors. In addition, only 5,000 people will be allowed in a day, which is far less than the normal number of visitors per day. Before the corona virus, an average of 80,000 people visited the Taj Mahal a day.

It may be recalled that the government had announced a nationwide lock down from March 25 in view of the growing epidemic of corona virus.


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