The United States and China, two of the world’s major powers, have launched a series of attacks on each other during the UN virtual meeting over the corona virus.

The United States and China have blamed each other for using the wrong methods to deal with the global Corona virus pandemic. Attacking the United States, China’s ambassador to the United Nations said, “You have already created a lot of problems for the world.”

The series of accusations and counter-accusations began when UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres complained of a significant lack of international cooperation in countering the threats posed by Covid-19.

Just two days ago, US President Donald Trump called on the United Nations to take action against China for spreading the “plague” around the world.

The Chinese ambassador lashed out at the United States, saying, “If the United States has the most advanced medical technology and systems in the world, why are there so many deaths ?”

He called on the United States to act in a manner befitting a great power.┬áThe Chinese ambassador said the United States was “completely isolated.”


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