The Chinese Defense Ministry has rejected a controversial US report on the military’s intentions, saying the biggest threat to world peace is actually from the United States.

The US report, released on September 1, warned that ignoring the “modernization” of the Chinese military would jeopardize US national interests. The report focuses on the development and ambitions of the Chinese military in particular.

In response to the report, Colonel Wu Qian  said, “Evidence for many years shows that it is the United States that has violated international discipline and destroyed world peace.” He added that over the past two decades, US actions alone have killed or displaced more than 800,000 people in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries.

The US Department of Defense’s report on the Chinese military is more than 150 pages long, with details about the People’s Liberation Army’s technical capabilities, basic ideas, and ultimate intentions. The report focuses on China’s strategy towards Taiwan. Taiwan is a key ally of the United States.

China has also built a considerable arsenal of land-based ballistic and cruise missiles and has one of the world’s largest forces of advanced long-range surface-to-air systems, the report said.

This year’s report comes as relations between Beijing and Washington have hit their lowest ebb in decades amid simmering disputes over trade, technology, human rights and the South China Sea.


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