Chinese Ambassador Lui Xiaoming has said that Britain’s offer to grant British citizenship to 3 million Hong Kong citizens is tantamount to “open interference” in Hong Kong.

The offer was made by the UK following the introduction of new security rules in Hong Kong.

Chinese Ambassador Louie has expressed hope that the UK will reconsider its offer.

He told the media that the British government has been making irresponsible statements about Hong Kong.

The Chinese ambassador said a decision on what Beijing should do in response to the British government’s move would be made after details of the British offer came to light.

The British government says China has deviated from the 1997 agreement under which Hong Kong was handed over to China, under which China was to ensure the freedom of Hong Kong citizens for 50 years.

The British spokesman added that he expected China to abide by international law.

He added that “national security laws and their implications are being reviewed and the possibility of deportation of Hong Kong citizens is also being considered.”

Many other countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia, have also expressed concern about the law’s implementation.

The new laws introduced in Hong Kong target separatism, sabotage and terrorism, which could carry up to life in prison.

Damage to public property is defined as terrorism in these laws.

Online freedom has also been affected by these laws, as Internet service providers will be required to provide all data upon request by the police.


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