The Trump administration announced a few days ago that it would restrict the movement of Chinese diplomats in United States. The Chinese government has also responded to the sanctions.

The Beijing government has decided to restrict the activities of US diplomats across the country. In this context, the Chinese Foreign Ministry did not provide any details to assess the severity of the new sanctions on US diplomats.

The Chinese government made the announcement in response to a recent decision by Washington. The United States also restricted the free movement of Chinese diplomats in the country a few days ago. These measures have further strained relations between the world’s two largest economic powers, as well as increased tensions.

Last week, the Trump administration made it clear to Chinese diplomats that top diplomats would need to obtain a permit before entering any university campus. Similarly, if more than 50 people attend a cultural event, the participating Chinese diplomat must notify the Washington administration in advance and obtain formal permission. Those working at the Chinese embassy will also have to show on their social media accounts that they are affiliated with the Beijing government.

In recent months, Washington and Beijing have pursued reciprocal diplomacy. Many issues are in dispute between the two countries. These include bilateral trade issues in particular, the Chinese government’s response to the corona virus epidemic, and the implementation of new security laws in Hong Kong.

The United States also revoked the visas of more than 1,000 Chinese students for security reasons . The movement of several Chinese officials was also restricted, saying it would help ease Beijing’s harshness and sanctions on the Uighur Muslim community in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.


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