According to global Firepower, India’s leading defense analyst, Pakistan’s annual defense budget was 13 billion ,India’s annual defense budget was 71 billion, while China’s was 261 billion.

The Indian Army has 1444,000 troops while China has 2183,000 troops while Pakistan has 650,000.

China has 3210 warplanes while India has 2123 aircraft and Pakistan has 1372 aircraft. China has 911 military helicopters while India has 722 helicopters and Pakistan has 350 helicopters

Pakistan has 3000 tanks,India has 4292 tanks and China has 13050 tanks, China has 40,000 armored vehicles and India has 6686 armored vehicles.

India has one aircraft carrier while China has two. India has 16 submarines, while China has 74, while Pakistan has eight.

Pakistan has 139 airports ,India has 346 airports while China has 507.

India has 150 nuclear bombs while Pakistan has 160. China is thought to have 320 atomic bombs.

The world’s three most populous countries, armed with destructive nuclear bombs, are moving in a direction that is certainly not the path to peace.


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