A court in the eastern Chinese province of Jangsu has sentenced a Chinese national to death for killing a Pakistani student living in China.

A friend of a man sentenced to death has been sentenced to 17 months in prison for seeking refuge after an incident.

Moizuddin, a Pakistani citizen, was studying at Nanjing University. About two years ago, he was assassinated by a Chinese man named Kong after a minor altercation.

Pakistan’s state-run news agency APP quoted local media as saying that the murder took place on July 11, 2018, when a Kong’s scooter collided with Moizuddin while passing through a bazaar.

During the altercation, Kong picked up a knife from a nearby shop and stabbed Muezzin in the chest. According to the police, the victim suffered a heart attack in the attack and could not recover. The Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Kong to death for premeditated murder.

The court ruled that Kong, as an adult, should have known that stabbing him in the chest and back could lead to death, yet he repeatedly struck the victim’s limbs.

The court added that it was clear from Kong’s conduct that he wanted to kill his target.

The court rejected the defense counsel’s argument that the dispute was started due to provocation of the victim on the basis of lack of evidence.

After the incident, Kong went to his friend Shao’s house and hid. However, police arrested the two eight hours later. Shao was 18 at the time.

The court said that while sheltering Kong, Shao did not know that Muezzin had died, so he deserved a lesser sentence. The court sentenced Shao to 17 months in prison for harboring a convict.


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