Concerns over new wave of Corona in Iran

Authorities in Iran have made it mandatory for people to wear masks after a significant increase in cases and deaths, but a...

US Independence Day celebrations: Trump angry at political opponents, China and...

American Independence Day celebrations have also been plagued by the corona virus epidemic. In his speech, President Trump slammed China, left-wing political opponents...

Afghan war: Taliban are not credible

Critics in the United States say the Taliban cannot be trusted with regard to the Afghan agreement, following reports that the Afghan...

Trump compared his political opponents to the Nazis

Saturday, 4 JulyIndependence Day in United States In his Independence Day address to the...

Indo-China border dispute: doesn’t India’s intelligence agencies have the capability to...

Former Chief of Indian Military Intelligence General (retd) Amarjit Bedi has said that India should review the role of its intelligence agencies

Pakistani pilot also suspended in Malaysia

The Aviation Regulatory Authority in Malaysia has temporarily suspended all pilots of Pakistani-licensed The Aviation Regulatory Authority in Malaysia...

Troubled by corona virus and locust attacks, Indian farmers

Indian farmers are facing a double trouble these days. Due to Corona, there are no suitable buyers for their crops. On the...

Symbolic unity among Palestinian factions

Hamas and Fatah have joined a joint conference against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's annexation of the West Bank.

What is the meaning of US statements on India-China tension ?

At a time when there is an atmosphere of tension between India and China over the Line of Actual Control (LAC), including...

India: Eight policemen killed in clashes with thugs

The attack killed eight people, including a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), three sub-inspectors and four constables. Police in...

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