British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has canceled his planned visit to India this month. He was also scheduled to attend the main Indian Republic Day celebrations during the visit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on January 5 the cancellation of his planned visit to India this month. It is imperative that he be in the UK at this time because of the crisis of the 19th century. Johnson has re-imposed a lockdown in England to stem the tide of the new Corona virus, urging people not to leave their homes unnecessarily. 

A spokesman for the British prime minister said Boris Johnson had spoken to his Indian counterpart on the phone about the cancellation of the visit and regretted the cancellation of his visit to Delhi later this month.

The UK is currently reeling from a severe corona virus crisis, which the government has announced a re-implementation of lockdowns. More than 50,000 new cases of covid 19 have been reported daily in the UK since December 29. The highest number of 60,000 new cases was reported yesterday.

Observers say that the Indian government has begun the process of finding a new guest and that the Indian government as well as its diplomats around the world have become very active in this regard.


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