Iftikhar Wahid, was due to retire in two days, but before that he died fighting the attackers.

Iftikhar Wahid has been working as a security guard at the Pakistan Stock Exchange for the last 10 years.

Gunmen stormed the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Pakistan’s economic hub of Karachi on Monday morning, killing two stock exchange security personnel, including four assailants, and a police sub-inspector.

Iftikhar was stationed at a checkpoint at the only entrance, where the assailants got out of their vehicle and carried out the first attack. There are several bullet marks on the checkpoint and on the barriers of the vehicles. This is where the attackers encountered resistance, and according to police officials, two attackers and two security guards were killed in an armed clash.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange building has three security fences, the second gate after the entrance barrier, followed by the reception and the last security post. The stock exchange then begins to cover the building, with a sniper on the building’s entrance. The building is secured by a private security company.

The house of slain security guard Iftikhar Wahid is located in the railway colony behind the stock exchange building, where people are coming to offer condolences after the incident

Ejaz Wahid said he heard gunfire in the morning and later people reported that the stock exchange had been attacked and some people had been injured. When he arrived, security guards said his father was also injured. He was rushed to a civil hospital where he was pronounced dead at the scene.

“My father had been working for the stock exchange for the last ten years. He started this job with a monthly salary of Rs 12,000 and now his salary is Rs 18,000,”

“The company had issued a letter of dismissal to people between the ages of 55 and 60. The father was due to retire on July 1 and he was thinking of moving to his native village of Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and finding employment there.

The guards of a private company guarding the stock exchange are sad and silent.

Suleiman Mehdi, chairman of the Pakistan Stock Board, said the attack had failed because of his security arrangements, in which his bodyguards, along with the forces, played a key role.

Nasir Mansoor, central secretary general of the National Trade Union Federation, has alleged that “owners of private security companies are exploiting employees, these retired officers are using the name of their former institutions”.

“Security companies are in the workers category, their employees are ‘skilled workers’, so their minimum wage for eight hours should be more than 17,000,”

When Iftikhar Wahid left the house on Monday morning, Ejaz and other brothers and sisters were asleep so they could not see him.

In those few hours, the world of this family has changed.


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