September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, the main goal of the extremists was to destroy the World Trade Center, the hub of economic activity.

According to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Monday’s ‘failed attack’ on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the provincial capital Karachi was aimed at hitting the country’s economy.

In the past, many terrorist attacks in different countries have also targeted the various major centers of economic activity. Many are asking why extremists sometimes attack economic centers, what are their motives and whether such attacks slow down the country’s economy.

‘Trouble the economy and investment’

Talking to media after the attack on Pakistan Stock Market yesterday, DG Rangers Sindh MA Bukhari said that “Pakistan Stock Exchange is a symbol of Pakistani economy and the purpose of attacking here is to scare investors and give Pakistan an impression. It included being presented as an insecure country throughout. “

Aamir Rana says that after such attacks, investors are usually very cautious for a while, which definitely has an effect on the economy. “Investors are said to be very sensitive to security and are like birds and withdraw from investing if they have the slightest suspicion.”

The Balochistan Liberation Army’s Majid Brigade has claimed responsibility for the attack. A statement from the BLA said, “The attack was aimed at targeting Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan’s economy is based on 72 years of exploitation and genocide of the Baloch nation and the Karachi Stock Exchange is one of the foundations and symbols of this exploitative economy.

Aamir Rana says that the biggest investment in Pakistan is made by China and the establishment of Majeed Brigade was carried out to target China’s economic goals in Pakistan.

He said that along with the investment of Shanghai Stock Exchange in Pakistan Stock Exchange, China has also promised more investment. And the purpose of attacking this place may be to stop China from investing in Pakistan.

The BLA statement said, “This attack is not only an attack on Pakistan’s economic interests but also an attack and warning on Chinese economic interests in response to China’s exploitative plans in China’s Balochistan.”

A security watchdog said on condition of anonymity that one of the reasons for targeting major cities, key locations and economic centers could be that banned organizations carry out such operations in the country and abroad. We can get the attention of like-minded people and get help from them.

He said that this help could be through money, manpower or other means.

He said that according to the Pakistani Interior Ministry, out of 76 parties banned in Pakistan, 13 separatist parties belonged to Balochistan province. The Balochistan Liberation Army was the first separatist group to be banned by Pakistan in 2006.


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